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Strength Training for Golfers

Golf is a physical sport, and the proper strength training is crucial to injury prevention plus upping your game.

Strength training equals muscle, which plain and simple means more power. In other words, you can drive the ball much further. So whether you enjoy catching up with friends each week to hit a few balls or you are really into the sport, finding time to add strength to your routine is a must.

Remember, consistency is key. If you stay consistent with your new strength workout regime, you will watch your form, swing and overall skills improve tremendously.

Strength Exercises for Golfers

Convinced? Great! Now let’s get started. Here are some example exercises you can add into your workout routine 2 - 3 times per week. Work yourself up to 2 - 3 sets of each, 8 - 10 reps per exercise. Note: a good time to begin is mid pre-season (6 - 8 weeks) so once golf season kicks off, you will be more than ready to get a hole in one:

Deadbug - Helps to stabilize the core and spine, while stretching out the hamstrings to help add more power to your swing.

Crossclimber with Shoulder Tap - Engages core and shoulders; shoulders play a big role in the game of golf. Shoulder stability is an underrated part of a powerful golf swing.

Single Leg Deadlift - Bulletproof your golf game! The single leg deadlift helps with balance, a must when you are training to properly tee up a golf ball - strengthening your back and core.

Squat with Medicine Ball Rotation - Helps improve your swing while strengthening your core - a win-win.

Dumbbell Bent-over Row - Adding strength to your back and stability to your shoulders helps you swing with power and control; this is an effective upper-body exercise that works the shoulders and the muscles surrounding them.

Cable Woodchop (Reverse and Normal) - This can be done with a resistance band, dumbbell or cable machine. This movement pattern performs the natural swing pattern you do when swinging at a golf ball; plus stabilizes and strengthens the core and shoulder rotation while developing your legs and trunk to create a solid golf swing.

Lat Pulldown (with bands, a cable or lat pulldown machine) - Build up the back and shoulders, two of the primary engines of big, booming drives.

Reverse Crunch (with or without a stability ball) - An innovative and dynamic exercise that will help increase your stabilizing strength, supporting proper body alignment, movement patterns and energy transfer within the golf swing. Also helps to prevent injuries.

The Benefits

Adding these types of exercise will add yards off the tee or just give you an overall better feeling when you join the crew for a round of golf (and afterwards, too!). No matter your golf goals, lifting weights is a key element in any balanced golf fitness program. When starting any strength training program, the worry about “getting bulky” is a common misconception, and golfers and runners tend to worry it will slow them down. You will see the results will be exactly the opposite, toning and strengthening targeted muscles worked, giving you more power and energy to get through the game. Plus, stronger bones means a stronger body and more time on the course to perfect that golf swing.

Not only will you strengthen muscles and bones, you will help to create more proper neurological connections between your brain and body, challenging your co

ordination, and forcing your brain to learn to operate under great amounts of stress - just like what you may experience in an intense game of golf.

Ask your personal trainer about incorporating strength training exercises into your fitness routine that will help benefit your golf game. Trainers Spot has certified personal trainers who will design the perfect program to improve your swing!

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