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Our Mission

Get to know us

Trainers Spot is to empower independent fitness professionals to build their own business by providing them with the space, equipment, tools, and support they need to be successful. 

Who we are:

It is simple, yet powerful.

We offer needed gym space to fitness entrepreneurs so they can run their own fitness business in a semiprivate gym setting. We will lead the gym space for independent personal trainers’ concept and couldn’t be more excited to continue redefining the future of the fitness industry. We recognize the struggle for personal trainers and independent fitness professionals in the fitness industry and we have the solution. As the gym will not be open to the public. All the trainers will be independent contractors to the gym, renting their need time to train their clients. 


Why we do it:

Trainers’ Spot exists because of the trainers. Our goal is to make our Trainer’s even more successful and put them in charge of their own future. That means they manage their own schedule, their clients, and their income while we support them every step of the way. When a client loves their fitness trainer, the client will follow their trainer. We are here to support the trainers in every way. When the trainer is supported, the trainers’ clients are supported.

When a trainer has an entrepreneurial heart to allow freedom, they need a semi-private place to trainer their clients. Trainer Spot is not a public membership gym. It is a private space for the Trainers and their clients.


The equipment in Trainers Spot will allow trainers to train with their desired techniques. 

How we do it:

In addition to the motivation of the gym space, Trainers Spot provides the tools, support, and industry education to empower the Trainers to take their business to the next level.

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