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How to Improve Your Workout

How to Improve Your Workout
How to Improve Your Workout

Sometimes it feels like you are walking backwards when it comes to gaining benefits from your workouts. First, get with a trainer for tips, help and motivation. Next, try these simple changes to finally start seeing the results you worked so hard for:

Eat healthy - Yes, we know this is repetitive or just obvious. But you won't see results unless you eat good. Eat a healthy protein and carb-rich meal before and after your workouts such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruit, buckwheat or whole-wheat bread.

Take a moment to breathe - The first step to an awesome workout is getting in the right mindset.

Pump up the jam - Make a soundtrack with your most-loved jams to put you in a good mood and improve your workout performance.

Have a plan - Having a plan of action for what to do when you get to the gym will help you feel prepared for your workout and not waste time or get distracted.

Warmup with foam rolling - Foam rolling tight or sore muscles helps to break up 'knots' in muscles that can inhibit full mobility; giving you more ability to get more done in your upcoming workout.

Push a little more - You know that last rep you know you can do, but don't want to? Do it. This is where change begins!

Start simple - You don't have to do complex moves to get in a good sweat. Squats, lunges, chest presses and triceps dips are some simple, sweet and effective exercises. Add challenge for change by including heavier weights, one legged squats and dips or slow down for time under tension.

Overall, pushing just a little more than your comfort zone, a little planning and making positive changes in your diet will enhance your workouts and results. It’s not always easy to push yourself when you workout alone, so getting with a trainer or joining in a

group class can help motivate you and work muscles you never knew you had.

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