Mindful Macros Program at Trainers Spot. 90 day flexible and sustainable nutrition program.
90 Day Mindful Macros Program at Trainers Spot with Coach Erin. Eat with Confidence.

Why 90 days?

It takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic - European of Social Psychology study.

"My mission is to provide flexible and sustainable nutrition coaching to those in need. I believe that diet culture has confused so many people about what they should or should not consume, and I want my clients to understand that they can fit the foods that they enjoy into their diets, while still reaching their goals. I will coach both my personal training clients and others who strictly want nutrition coaching. Clients will sign up for this 90 day Mindful Macros Program. They will receive access to recipes, meal suggestions, an eBook with guidance for using MyFitnessPal correctly and calculating macros, daily check ins, grocery lists, and personalized macros or portion sizes based on their goals." - Coach Erin

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